What is "Friends of the Horse Farm"? 

Many parks around the world have established separate "Friends of" non-profits that can help with independent fundraising, programming, and oversight of great public spaces.  Much in the same way, our Friends of the Horse Farm organization will uphold the following mission statement:

"Our mission is to promote the preservation and restoration of natural and sustainable green space in Acadiana with full public access, through public engagement, collaboration and education."

After over seven years of meeting, organizing, campaigning, and fundraising by the Save the Horse Farm group, community leaders, and supporters like you, the Horse Farm property is now owned by the City of Lafayette.  We expect to work with the newly formed "Lafayette Central Park, Inc.", the non-profit charged with overseeing the development, management and maintenance of
the park.

Friends of the Horse Farm is a community-based organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing Lafayette's Horse Farm Park, and supporting the public participation and design efforts of the Lafayette Central Park, Inc.

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